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The Shed Labrador, Inc. Makerspace (Labrador City Library)

Makerspaces are creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to learn, collaborate and create. By using a variety of tools and materials the possibilities are endless. Explore your own interests or learn something new! 

The goal of Makerspaces at NLPL is to "[provide] access to a full range of library services that meet the needs of everyone – supporting personal growth, and continued learning while engaging and connecting with people and communities” (Strategic Plan, 2023-2026). By partnering with The Shed Labrador, Inc. Makerspace NLPL endeavours to continue supporting life long learning while engaging and connecting with the community.

What is The Shed? 
Operated under the Canadian Cooperation Act, The Shed offers its services to members of the community. We provide tools, workspaces and knowledge to allow the ability to complete a multitude of different projects.

​Why is it called The Shed? 
We decided to name the project The Shed because it is where we store our tools, where we go to fix things or make something and where we hang out with our friends to work on projects.  The makerspace is basically a big shed. 

Where is The Shed located?
We are located within the Labrador City Public Library. Access is available during their open hours (see schedule to the left). Operating hours are subject to change and can be dependent upon staff availability. The space is limited to 12-14 people at a time.

What are the options for learning?

The options are endless and will vary for each individual.

  1. Self-Learning: Patrons can utilize resources such as YouTube tutorials to learn independently. This method mirrors how many of us initially learned to use these tools.
  2. Training Course Presentations: Alternatively, patrons can review our training course presentations to gain insight into equipment operation and attempt to use the tools on their own.
  3. Course Enrollment: For a more structure approach, patrons can sign-up for courses, or join a waitlist, to receive formal instruction on equipment usage.

The Shed will offer trainings and courses in the near future so stay tuned. Follow The Shed Labrador, Inc. Makerspace Facebook page for updates on trainings.

How do I access The Shed?

Check in at the circulation desk at the Labrador City Public Library. Staff will ask you to review and sign the Makerspace Usage Agreement and then provide you access to the space. You can also review the agreement at home and bring a copy with you on your first visit or email it to All Agreements will be kept on file.

Occupancy of The Shed is limited to 12-14 people. Those under 13 must be accompanied by a responsible caregiver.