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Literacy Services Guide

An Info Guide to Literacy Services available at NLPL and across the province

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Most of the time, when people talk about “literacy”, they mean “the ability to read and write”. However, “literacy” has a much deeper meaning. It means to identify, understand, interpret, create, and engage with written materials in a way that allows someone to participate in society, achieve their goals, and develop their knowledge.

You can use this guide to find out more about how your library can help you gain and strengthen your literacy skills!

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The 9 Types of Literacy: To Help You Build Your Life Skills

  • Civic Literacy: The ability to participate and initiate change in your community
  • Cultural Literacy: The ability to understand the traditions, regular activities, and history of others
  • Digital Literacy: The ability to use, navigate and understand various forms of technology to solve problems
  • Emotional Literacy: The ability to identify, validate, express, and respond to your feelings and others
  • Financial Literacy: The ability to navigate and understand financial systems in order to manage money responsibly
  • Food Literacy: The ability to interpret and understand how food choices impact our health, environment and economy
  • Health Literacy: The ability to understand the health care system in order to obtain, communicate and access necessary help
  • Media Literacy: The ability to access, understand, and engage in messages shared in the media (news, social media)
  • Numerical Literacy: The ability to understand and use basic math skills in everyday life, including numbers, graphs, and charts

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Our expanded literacy services are available to everyone in the province as a result of an investment by the Provincial Government through its Adult Literacy Action Plan.

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