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Career & Employment Development

Resources for job-seekers and those seeking career advice.

Welcome to the Employment LibGuide

A mechanic, nurse, businessman, chef, and shop worker smiling and wavingWelcome to the Employment Libguide! The goal of this guide is this: to help individuals navigate the modern job market and their careers. 

Within this guide you will find:

  • Web links to job search websites.

  • Books in our library related to the job market, employment, and career development.

  • Articles and videos with tips to help with the job search journey.


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The Six Stages of Career Development

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(Graphic by Career Alley)

It is important to remember that developing your career is not a linear process, and that we all fluctuate between these different stages of career development. Keep these in mind as you go through our guide!

Job Readiness

This is the foundation of your career. This is where you identify barriers to employment, find resources, and prepare yourself for employment. Checking out this guide could be part of this stage!

Career Decision Making

This stage is about making decisions about your career, finding one that suits your skills and needs. Consider these three elements when exploring your career options: what interests me, what am I good at, and what will support me.

Skills Enhancement

This is another important stage, as after you decide on the career you want to pursue you should start developing skills that will help you in this career.

Work Search

This stage is all about seeking out that position for yourself. This can be through researching the job market, networking, and researching the organization you are interested in applying for.

Job Maintenance 

This is the stage right after you've secured the job. During this stage, you are ensuring that you are able to keep the position and that you feeling good where you are.

Career Growth

This stage is devoted to getting the most out of your career. You should be challenging yourself and trying to learn new skills as you constantly move forward in your career.

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