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Career & Employment Development

Resources for job-seekers and those seeking career advice.

Videos - Disability in the Workplace

Resources for Disabled Employees and Job Seekers

Avalon Employment Logo   Avalon Employment - Supported Employment
A five-stage program to provide persons with developmental disabilities equal opportunity to find meaningful and rewarding employment.

Bender Consulting Services LogoBender Consulting Services Inc.
A company that provides disability employment expertise in the areas of recruitment, workplace mentoring, strategic planning, training, and digital accessibility in Canada and the US.

Canadian Down Syndrome Society LogoCanadian Down Syndrome Society - Employment Planning Hub
A guide developed to help guide those with Down Syndrome through career exploration and uncover employability skills.

Canadian Association for Supported Employment LogoCanadian Association for Supported Employment
An organization devoted to increase employment inclusion for people with disabilities and support inclusion in Canadian businesses.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind logoCanadian National Institute for the Blind - Work Virtual Programs
A selection of virtual programs to help people with visual disabilities reach their career and academic goals.

EmpowerNL logoEmpower NL - Full Steam Ahead
An employment and career exploration program for people with disabilities.

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador logoGovernment of Newfoundland and Labrador - Disability Employment Programs and Services
A list of various employment programs and services for employees and job-seekers with disabilities.

MentorAbility Atlantic logoMentorAbility
A national supported employment initiative that facilitates mentoring opportunities between employers and people with disabilities.

Neil Squire logoNeil Squire - Employment Programs
A list of programs offered by Neil Squire directed towards people with disabilities. 

Ready, Willing & Able logoReady, Willing & Able
A national initiative to increase the participation of people with intellectual disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the workforce.

Spinal Cord Injury NL logoSpinal Cord Injury NL - Career and Employment Services
A list of services offered by this organization to assist people with spinal cord Injuries and other disabilities seeking employment assistance. 

Supported Employment Newfoundland Labrador logoSupported Employment Newfoundland Labrador
An organization that promotes workplace inclusion for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Stella's Circle logo        Stella's Circle - Work Programs 
Employment and education programs to assist people with limited work experience or interrupted career paths in finding and maintaining employment.