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The STAR Method

The STAR Method is a common interview method for answering questions. It is the best way for employers to get to know you and your accomplishments, as well as how you deal with everyday tasks in the workplace. When given an interview question, approach answering in this way:

S = Situation: Explain a relevant experience you had at a previous workplace, setting the scene and providing context.

T = Task: Explain what you were responsible for/asked to do in the situation.

A = Action: Explain the steps you took to accomplish the task.

R = Result: Explain the outcomes of your actions, as well as what you took away from the experience.

Outlines the STAR Method. Shows a man looking at a list with a stop watch, a woman looking at a list with a magnifying glass, a man with a conversation bubble and a laptop, and a woman with a star over her head and a trophy

(Graphic by KForce)

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