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Welcome, Kids!

A one-stop-shop for our youngest patrons to learn about all the great benefits of being a library member!

Librarian recommended YA books


Image of a poster for YA Books We Love

We love YA books! Check out librarian recommended

titles on our Digital Library by clicking on the image above! 

The teens are alright!

Most libraries have a young adult collection, and some even have designated teen spaces. Ask your librarian for the whereabouts of the YA in your branch. If there is a book that you would like to read that is not in your branch, let your librarian know and they will get it in for you. 

For sensitive non-fiction topics, check out the poster below. These are the location numbers of where you can find the below topics in any library non-fiction collection. Click on the image to get to our catalogue. 

Image of poster; Dear Teens, help yoursel. Check out these call nymbers for helpful topics in our non-fiction section. Abuse Incest 362.7 - abusive relationships 362.8 -  acne skin care 616.5 and 646.7 - AIDS HIV 616.9 - alcohol 362.2 - anoriexia 616.8 - birth control 363.9 and 613.9 - body changes and puberty 612.6 - body image 306.4 and 616.8 - date rape 362.8 - divorce 306.8 - drugs 362.2 - health hygiene 613.0 and 613.7 - LGBTQIIA 306.7 and 613.9 - mental health 616.8 - pregnancy 306.8 and 618.20 - relationship dating 305.2 and 306.7 and 646.7 - self-esteem 305.2- sex 613.9 - STDs 616.9 - suicide 362.2

How to volunteer at your local library

Do you need volunteer hours for Duke of E or to qualify for graduation? If so, consider the public library as somewhere to gain experience! There are two ways that you can volunteer with the public library:

  • In person at your local branch: visit your local library to see if there is opportunity for volunteer work. Staff will let you know if they have activities that you can assist with on a one-time or repeat basis. It will be the local librarian's discretion if and how many students they can accommodate. Due to Covid-19, there may not be in-person volunteering at your location


  • Virtual TeenZine contributions: if you enjoy being creative, consider volunteering to be a contributor to the NLPL TeenZine. Any time that you spend on creating content for the zine will count towards your hours. Please contact Leigha at to learn more!


Image of Teen Volunteers at the Library poster with fireworks


Click on the image above to visit the TeenZine!

Check Out the TeenZine!

Want to submit something to the TeenZINE? No problem! 

Here is what you need to know:

  • Submissions are for anyone between the ages of 12-18. 
  • Please include your first name, age, and a brief description of your work!
  • Submissions can be a picture of your art, a scan, or the art file itself! If you have any trouble attaching your art, let us know.
  • Submissions will be shared on this web page and on our social media. Please be aware! 
  • If you are in the art and we can see your face, you will be asked to sign a form saying it is okay to use your picture. We will send this to you after you submit your art. 
  • You can make AS MANY submissions as you like! 
  • Keep in mind our readership is public, which may include kids. Let's be aware of our language as best as we can, and as always, avoid hurtful or derogatory comments. 
  • All submissions should be sent to Leigha Chiasson-Locke at

Can you write a terrfiyig story that will have us shaking in our boots in only 5 sentences?!

Send your submissions to Leigha at to be featured on our online TeenZine!

We need you to tell us which books you love and why!

Email us a pic of you (or your Bitmoji!) and your favourite book, or just a pic of your book with a super quick write up about why it is so great and we will feature it on our Teen Zine!

Add you name, age, and email to Leigha at

How has the Coronavirus impacted your life as a teen in 2020?

Tell us your story. 

Send your submissions to Leigha at

Showcase: "Becoming"

What does it mean to become world, person, idea, love,

community or neighborhood that you believe in?

Send your "Becoming" art to Leigha at

Blackout Poetry

Poetry is all around. Can you take someone else's words and find your own?

Submit your blackout poems to Leigha at

Teen Art Sumissions

drawing of Kurt Cobain

Amber, Age 17

Artistic photo of lockdown house.

Harriet, Age 18

Artistic photo of lockdown house.

Harriet, Age 18

Recreation of a famous work of art.

Gene Simmons likeness made out of food

Harriet, Age 18

Recreation of a famous person.

Person in hoody with stuffed animal in basket

Harriet, Age 18

Recreation of a famous film.

Person made of vegetables

Harriet, Age 18

Recreation of Mr. Potato Head

Rug Hooking art and materials

Dianna, Age 13

Rug hooking.

Friendship bracelets


Friendship bracelets.

TeenZine Submissions