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Welcome, Kids!

A one-stop-shop for our youngest patrons to learn about all the great benefits of being a library member!

Sing Together!

Sing a song with Natasha! 

Play Together!

Play with Kelly and her puppets! 

Talk Together!

Tell a story and make a craft with Jan! 

Count Together!

Count birthday candles with Kristina! 

Move Together!

Clap your hands and stomp your feet with Leigha!

Educator Cards- getting a school or daycare library card

You can get a library card for your school or daycare! 

Did you know we offer special library cards for educators and early childhood educators?

For more information, please read the PDF documents below and contact early Literacy Coordinator, Quinn Pike. 


Penguin waving

To connect with the Regional Librarian in your division for school visits please connect with: 

St. John's Division

Emma Craig

Eastern Division

Sarah Bartlett 

Central Division

Courtney Crocker

Western Division

Sandra Harnum 

Online resources for learning together

 We wanted to make sure families have the tools they need to be successful as they navigate learning at home this year. Click on the images below to access resources that our librarians have curated to make learning at home a little easier!

Image of a globe : Digital Adventures From Home

Digital Adventures from Home

Go on adventures around the globe from the comfort of your

own home with a virtual trip together.

Explore fabulous museums, epic nature, exciting science and

technology, and be amazed by some of the most beautiful

libraries in the world! Get your passports ready for fun! 

Image of Digital Resources for Families: a penguin writing on a chalk board

Digital Resources for Families

Get ready to learn together with this information guide for 

home-schooling and educational ways to pass the time together!

With storytime, movement activities, resources for tweens and teens

and pertinent information about Covid-19, there is lots to keep you busy here! 

Image of Early Literacy Guide: a penguin waving

Babies Toddlers and Preschoolers (Early Literacy)

For more information about your developing child,

be sure to visit our Early Literacy information guide.

This is where you will learn tips and tricks to instill a

love of reading in your child and see the  creative collections

the library has to support you!

Reading Together

Reading together is the single best thing you can do with your child. Shared reading encourages school readiness and empathy. 

Did you want to learn more about best practices for reading together and how to get your young ones excited about reading, be sure to tune in to our weekly Reading Readiness videos for tips and tricks to help you and your child on the journey to lifelong reading! 

Every Child Ready to Read!

Talk, Sing, Read, Write, Play!

Five early literacy practices to get ready to read -- from birth!

Children prepare to read long before they enter school.  In fact, early literacy skills begin to develop right from birth.  A child's positive early experiences with books and language lay the foundation for success in learning to read.

There is so much you can do to help build reading readiness.  Talk, sing, read, write and play with your child.  Share books together every day and have fun reading!

Puffin Talking


Talking with children helps develop language skills and stimulates brain development. When children talk with adults they are developing listening skills, learning new words and how a conversation works.



Puffin Singing


Singing and rhyming are great for learning the different sounds that make up words. This helps when children begin to read.


Puffin Reading


Reading aloud is the most effective way to help children become good readers. During shared reading children learn new words, how a book works, basic story structure (beginning, middle, end) and that print has meaning. Most important of all, children learn that reading is an enjoyable activity!


Puffin Writing


Writing helps children learn that letters and words stand for sounds and that print has meaning.



Children learn about the world when they play.  The more they learn, the more they understand books and stories when they begin to read.