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Guide for Educators

What is an Educator Card?

An Educator Card is a special library card offered to educators to use while working as an educational professional. Use your card to borrow items or access online resources within your classroom or other educational setting.

Using your educator card, you can easily separate your personal library lending from your professional library use. This means that any items you borrow for work won't count towards your personal item limits, and vice versa. 

Educator Card holders are also eligible to borrow some specialized items not available to regular cardholders.

Educator Card Benefits

Exclusively available to Educator Cards:

  • Ability to borrow up to 30 library items for your institution without having to use a personal library card
  • Extended loan period of 28 days
  • Exclusive access to Small Group Storytime Kits in addition to Social Emotional Learning Kits, Book Club Kits, and Quick Kits (limit 1 per borrowing period, per card)
  • Elimination of late fines (subject to change)

+ everything a regular library user gets:

  • Borrow books and other items from your library, and request items from libraries across the province!
  • Access to the Digital Library to use any of NLPL's subscription services - get narrated audiobooks, animated picture books, and more!

Who can get an Educator Card?

People and organizations eligible for an educator card include:

  • Early Childhood Educators
  • K-12 Teachers (both Public and Private schools)
  • Adult Education providers (e.g. GED instructors)
  • Educational community service organizations

Not sure if you qualify? Email us and ask! Email Emily Blackmore at with your Educator Card related questions. 

When you register for your Educator Card, you will be asked to provide proof of employment or certification in the field of education. Accepted forms include:

Lost/damaged item charges and other library fees remain the responsibility of the cardholder, unless otherwise specified.

How To Register

  1. Download and fill out the Educator Card Registration Form.
  2. Submit the form in person at your local public library or attach it to an email sent to Emily Blackmore at with a copy of your supporting documents in the body of the email (proof of employment/certification/etc).
  3. Receive the card by mail if you emailed in your form or get it right away in person if you brought it to your local public library. 

How to Renew

Educator cards expire after a 5-year period. To renew your existing Educator Card at that time, or to update your card's information at any time, fill out a new Educator Card form or visit your local public library.