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SORA and the NLPL

What is SORA? 
Sora is an e-book app and digital library of general interest books offered through Overdrive for NLESD K-12 students. All NLESD students and teachers have access to SORA. Using SORA, students can read eBooks and listen to audiobooks from the NLESD collection of just under 500 titles, adjust reading or listening settings, download titles to read offline, add notes, and more. Students and teachers with access to SORA can also add the NL Public Libraries eLibrary to access up to 25,000 more books. 
How is SORA connected to the NLPL?  
SORA and the NLPL eLibrary (and it's app Libby) are both run by Overdrive and can be connected. Once a student is set up with SORA, they can get an NLPL library card, or use one they already have, to add the NLPL to their SORA app. Then they can switch between collections and check out eBooks and audiobooks from both the NLESD SORA collection and the NLPL eLibrary. 
Where can I learn more? 
The NLESD have developed a basic web resource with guides and FAQ docs that answer questions for educators about SORA including an FAQ, how to get started, and how to connect your SORA account to the NLPL eLibrary.
To learn more about SORA generally, you can go here to find Overdrive's resource page. 
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