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Book Clubs

NLPL In-Library Book Club Programs

Join us at the library for a book club! We have book clubs that meet in many libraries across the province. We provide the books and questions, you provide the discussion!

Our book club programs include:

  • Children’s book clubs
  • Fiction book clubs
  • Non-Fiction book clubs
  • Inclusive book club (see below)
  • Teen book clubs
  • Retired persons book clubs

Programs are free but generally require registration. Contact your local library to see if there is a book club near you.

NLPL Inclusive Book Club

The Inclusive Book Club is a partnership between the Mount Pearl Public Library, CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access), and the CNIB to make the book club experience accessible to all residents of Newfoundland & Labrador! Whether you are an adult facing barriers related to physical, visual, or learning abilities, time availability or geographic location, or are simply looking for a book club that is open to all, the Inclusive Book Club will find a way for you to participate. 

If you’d like to sign up for the Inclusive Book Club, contact the Mount Pearl Public Library at 368-3603.

CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access) provides access to a collection of accessible library materials for people who have difficulty reading due to a visual, physical or learning disability. More information about CELA and other accessible collections at NLPL.

Online Book Clubs & Resources

Book clubs you can join online or sites which include information on how to start, run and manage a book club.

Resources For Starting Your Own Book Club