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Book Clubs

Book Club Kits

Check out our Book Club Kits: Free to borrow and contain everything you need to get your own book discussion group started. Just add readers!

Each kit is packed in a canvas library bag and contains:

  • 10 copies of one book
  • Discussion questions
  • Information about the author

How it works:

  • The kit is checked out to a single group member who is responsible for all of the materials.
  • Loan period is 6 weeks (with one 6 week renewal if no other groups are waiting).
  • Overdue fines are $1.00 /day per kit. Replacement cost is $100.00 for a full kit ($1.00 for a missing discussion questions sheet). 

Kits are available to patrons anywhere in the province - ask your local library staff about bringing in a book club kit via Interlibrary Loan.

Use this guide to explore book club kit titles or see the full list in our online catalogue!