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Multilingual Library Resources

Searching for Multilingual Materials

Search our collection online at!

Screenshot of the Language filter on the Catalogue search results page.When searching for books or other items with our online Catalogue, it is very easy to filter the results by language.

In the sidebar of your search results, there are many facets that you can apply to limit and filter the results. One of those is Language. The languages with the most results are shown at the top of the list, but you can view all languages by clicking "View All" underneath.

Select the languages you are interested in by using the checkboxes to the left of the language name, and then click "Include" to refresh your search results. The page will reload and show you  only items written in that language.

You can also exclude results in the same way. (For example, click the box next to "English" and then "Exclude" to hide all English-language materials).

Note that for any languages that use alternate alphabets or special characters (for example, Cyrllic Languages, Chinese, etc.), titles and other information have been converted into the Roman alphabet in our catalogue. Keep this in mind if you are searching for specific titles. 

Screenshot of the catalogue website menu options.

Our new catalogue is able to be used in French, and in Accessibility Mode (or both)

For additional help using the catalogue, you can visit the help page at any time by clicking the question mark (?) icon in the top-right corner.

Did You Know...

... that NLPL offers province-wide borrowing?

If you'd like to borrow something that isn't available at your library, you can place a hold for it to be brought to you!