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Virtual Adventures (from Home)

A guide to free virtual experiences of places, museums, galleries, and adventures from around the world.

NLPL Digital Library

Browse the NLPL Digital Library collections, including free access to eBooks, audiobooks, e-Magazines, e-newspapers, as well as educational resources for children.

Specialized Library Collections

Free access to eBooks, including many classic works and textbooks, as well as virtual exhibits.
The Nautical Archaeology Digital Library has digital collections related to the history and studio of nautical sciences.
The CIA's FOIA e-Reading Room contains items made public through the Freedom Of Information Act and the CIA release programs, containing documents related to UFOs and a collection of the oldest classified documents in the USA.
Archival collections related to biodiversity study from around the world, including books from Charles Darwin's personal collection.
Contains close to 1 million digitized documents, including a huge collection of historical restaurant menus, as well as other specialized collections.
Explore the history of medicine in the National Library of Medicine (USA) archival collections.
This virtual library contains 300+ free, downloadable eBooks related to various topics of the fine arts.