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Virtual Adventures (from Home)

A guide to free virtual experiences of places, museums, galleries, and adventures from around the world.

Canadian Historic Sites

Parliament of Canada (Image)

Parliament of Canada

Take a virtual walk-through tour of the Parliament Buildings of Canada. Image source: here.

Rideau Hall (Image)

Rideau Hall

Take a virtual tour of Rideau Hall, the official Canadian residence in Ottawa of the Canadian monarch and his/her representative, the Governor General of Canada. Image source: here.

International Historic Sites

Anne Frank House (Image)

Anne Frank House

Take a virtual tour of the Anne Frank House. Image source: here.

Egyptian Pyramids (Image)

Egyptian Pyramids (Virtual Field Trip)

Take a virtual field trip to the ancient pyramids outside of Cairo, Egypt, through this collection of digital resources, including learning materials for children. Image source: here.

Machu Picchu (Image)

Machu Picchu (Peru)

Take a virtual tour of Machu Picchu, a 15th century Incan citadel, located in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Image source: here.

Buckingham Palace (Image)

Buckingham Palace

Take a free virtual tour of Buckingham Palace, the London residence and administrative headquarters of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. Image source: here.


Explore Ancient Rome

Free virtual course on Ancient Rome created by the University of Reading. Image source: here.

Acropolis - Athens, Greece (Image)

Acropolis of Ancient Athens, Greece

Explore the Acropolis of Ancient Athens, Greece, through a virtual tour. Image source: here.

National Constitution Center, Building (Image)

National Constitution Center (USA)

Given that it's an election year in the USA, you might be interested in learning about the American Constitution - you can learn about it through a number of free virtual tours developed by the National Constitution Center. Image source: here.