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Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Brain Development in the Early Years

The foundation for later learning and development are being laid in a child's first few years; the brain goes through an enormous amount of growth and change during this period. Since everything that a child experiences through their senses shape their development, a safe and engaging environment is important during this time.

The links below provide basic information about brain development in infants and toddlers, with a focus on what parents and caregivers can do to support children's development and future learning.

Information on Early Childhood

The sites below provide basic information about typical development and milestones of early childhood.  Knowing about how your child develops can be helpful for figuring out the kinds of supports that infants and pre-schoolers need, including early literacy supports.

As with all milestones for child development, these are guidelines only. Each child and their development is unique.



Play is important for a child's development. It provides opportunity for children to learn about the world around them. For more information on the power of play visit the links below.