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September 30th is Orange Shirt Day

Every year on September 30th, people wear orange shirts to honour the children who survived Canada's Indian Residential Schools, and to remember the children who didn't survive. Orange Shirt Day is based on a story told by Phyllis Webstad about having her new orange shirt taken from her on the first day of residential school. The tradition started in William Lake in 2013, and has since spread to schools and communities across the country.

Find out more about The Story of Orange Shirt Day (via The Orange Shirt Society), or watch Phyllis Webstad's video below that describes the origins and purpose of the day.

What can people do to mark the day?

Phyllis Webstad's Orange Shirt Day Presentation

Books from the NLPL Collection for Orange Shirt Day

Cover for Shi-shi-etko
Cover For Phyllis's orange shirt
Cover of When I was Eight
Cover of When we were alone
Cover of Sugar Falls
Cover of Speaking Our Truth
Cover of These Are My Words
Cover of Shin Chi's Canoe
Cover of Fatty Legs
Cover for   As Long as The Rivers Flow
Cover for Ends/Begins
Cover for A Stranger At Home

Resources for Orange Shirt Day

The following are some resources for parents, caregivers, and educators. We suggest adults read through books and resources first before introducing them to children.