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How to Request an Item from the Library

What are System Wide Holds?

If you find that your local library does not have an item that you want, you can request it through System Wide Holds from another public library in Newfoundland and Labrador. 


Step 1: Visit the Library's Catalogue


Step 2: Sign into "My Account"


Step 3: Search for Book


Step 4: Select "Place Hold"


Step 5: Choose "Pickup Library" 

Requesting an Item not in our Library System

If the NLPL doesn't have an item you're looking for, you can request assistance from a library staff member.

You can still request Inter-Library Loans for materials that aren't available in the province, and we'll try to borrow them from other library systems.

You can also make a suggestion for purchase for items that we don't have and have already been published, by filling out a form here. 

NLPL welcomes suggestions for purchase, as they provide us with another tool to meet your needs.  However, we do not purchase every title suggested and, due to the volume of suggestions received, we do not place a hold for you or contact you to inform you of our decision.  If we choose to buy the title it will appear in the catalogue for you to place a hold.