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Board Games


Thanks to the donation from TimeMasters, Inc., we have a vast collection of board games! In this section you'll find a full list of the games in our collection, from family friendly to more mature games. Our collection includes titles suited for a variety of ages and skill levels. The games from our TimeMasters, Inc. collection feature a coloured sticker indicating the number of players required, the type of game and whether it is child friendly or includes more mature content (this guide is included below).

Featured Games

Pandemic image cover


The fate of humanity is in your hands! To download Rules of Play visit Z Man Games.

apples to apples image cover

Apples to Apples

Known as the "party in a box", it's a game of crazy combinations! 

elder sign image cover

Elder Sign

Evil from beyond has come to the museum! For Rules of Play visit Fantasy Flight Games.

kerplunk image cover


If all the marbles fall, you lose it all! 



Travel Europe unearthing treasures as an archeologist! For Rules of Play visit Queen Games.

ticket to ride image cover

Ticket to Ride

See who can visit the most cities in North America in 7 days! For Rules of Play visit Days of Wonder.

candy land image cover

Candy Land

The classic game of sweet adventures! 

dixit image cover


There's a storyteller in each of us! For Rules of Play visit Dixit Libbelud.

scrabble image cover


The classic word game!