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Mental Health and Addiction Support Resources

An information guide for those seeking mental health and substance abuse information and support.

Mental Health and Addictions Support Resources

This guide includes mental health and substance abuse support resources in the province and nationwide. The information included is not meant to diagnose, treat or advise on mental health and substance abuse issues. If you or someone you know is experiencing a life-threatening mental health emergency please call 9-1-1. If it is not an urgent situation, please reach out to the Provincial Mental Health Crisis Phone Line (available 24/7) at 1-888-737-4668.

bridge the gapp

In addition to this guide, visit Bridge the gApp which offers a comprehensive list of mental health and addictions resources for adults and youth. Some of the resources listed in Bridge the gApp are also included in this guide. 


811 imageIf you are seeking medical advice and health information, mental health assistance, or healthy eating advice call 8-1-1 HealthLine, a provincial health information and advice phone line staffed by experienced Registered Nurses. Calls are free and confidential and available to all residents of NL. Deaf and hard of hearing residents can visit www.811healthline/asl-numbers for assistance.