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Quick Kits

Banner with images of flannel board pieces and the text "storytime quick kits now available"

Quick Kits are an excellent resource to supplement shared or small group reading. These kits include a book, flannel pieces to retell the story, a song or rhyme with flannel board pieces and additional suggestions for songs/rhymes/finger-plays.

The perfect way to Talk, Sing, Read, Write and Play!

New to Using Flannel Pieces?

Why Use Flannel Pieces?

1. Encourage enjoyment of language

2. Develop visual literacy

3. Help connect objects and words

4. Models imaginative play 

5. Promotes narrative skills
Use Flannel Pieces to:
  •  tell the story or along with the first read aloud
  •  retell a story after a book has been read
  •  extend a story and provide opportunity for play
  •  act as a physical representation of characters or items in a song, rhyme or fingerplay
  •  develop memory - pieces from a collection can be removed and a child asked to identify which piece is missing
  •  support the learning of concepts such as numbers, colors and direction
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